Thursday, February 20, 2014

Links and utils

This is the place for our links and utils:

LINK  |  MSX computers history

UTIL  |  BlueMSX - MSX computers emulator for PC Windows

UTIL  |  Winrar - Extract all the ROMs, DSKs and CASs from a zip file

LINK  |  Troll Soft - Our SONY MSX HB-101P screenshots - King's Valley II images

LINK  |  Troll Soft - Pixel art from the Commodore Amiga days - Old images

LINK  |  La historia de Troll Soft en BRICONSOLA.COM

LINK  |  Artículo sobre Troll Soft en RETROMANIAC.ES

LINK  |  Artículo sobre Troll Soft en MSXBLOG.ES

LINK  |  Artículo sobre Troll Soft en MSXVIVA.COM.AR

LINK  |  Entrevista a Troll Soft en MSXVIVA.COM.AR

LINK  |  Vídeo sobre Troll Soft a les notícies de TV GIRONA

LINK  |  Cubic Duel - An isometric game for MSX computers - Download page 

LINK  | - 10 NEW LEVELS for King's Valley II

LINK  |  SKULLrs - A minimalistic game for Windows


  1. missing links for development tools (specially those compatible on Linux) - since almost one year, i started trying to do something on Boriel's zx-basic compiler, but it's still only for zx-spectrum - Boriel is trying to make it more flexible and support other hardware, and i'm starting to humbly help somehow on the msx part - - any and each help there is very welcome, indeed! :)

  2. some forum links about it: and

  3. and here are my humble experiments on msx: